S1000 Series

A micropipette is a common yet an essential laboratory instrument used to accurately and precisely transfer volumes of liquid in the microliter range. SOGAND’s Micropipettes are available in single channel variants. The single channel micropipettes are used in labs that perform research related to molecular biology, microbiology, immunology, cell culture, analytical chemistry, biochemistry and genetics. Variable volume single channel models covering a volume range from 1 μL to 1 mL.

  • S1000 series covering a volume range from 100 μL to 1000 μL.
  • Convenient Use: Lightweight and balanced, SOGOPETTEs combines an ergonomic design with minimized pipetting forces, giving you the ability to pipette longer without fatigue.
  • Mechanical air-cushion pipette for accurate, easy & ergonomic pipetting of aqueous solutions
  • Feel the difference in weight and pipetting forces:
  • Enjoy minimal tip attachment forces due to a spring-loaded tip cone that reduces stress without sacrificing tip tightness
  • Benefit from one of the lowest operating and tip ejection forces on the pipette market, helping to reduce hand and arm strain
  • Temporarily adjust your pipette in seconds for better accuracy when pipetting challenging liquids like ethanol or when pipetting at high altitudes. Return to factory adjustment without calibration
  • Autoclave the entire pipette or only the lower part according to your needs and applications to ensure a proper decontamination
  • Premium material ensures a high UV and chemical resistance

Sampler Spec.

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