Streamline workflow, save money, and improve the quality and consistency of your growth of anaerobes, microaerophiles, and capnophiles with the Anoxomat III. Automatically and easily create exact, repeatable environments with Anoxomat III. It is flexible and easy to use, keeping clinical and industrial microbiology labs productive and ready to culture a wide range of microbes.

The ANOXOGEN has been extremely useful in the growth and care of anaerobic cultures in my laboratory and allows us for advanced patient care when it comes to cultures that grow a variety of microbiological organisms

  • Easily create custom environments in 5 minutes for effective and rapid bacterial recovery in less time
  • Add and remove plates from Anoxomat jars and recreate environments in minutes
  • Automatic, one button operation
  • Save on operational costs

  • Label printer
  • Adding oxygen and carbon dioxide sensors
  • Adding a temperature and humidity controller
  • Leak warning system in the jar and track
  • Traffic congestion warning system
User guide